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Re: trouble flashing my development board

Do not reset the developer board until the amber light goes out.
While it's on, it's still writing to the flash even though kflash has
the file to the board, it isn't yet in flash.

That's what I found... however, if it still is a problem for you then maybe
something else is wrong.

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Subject: trouble flashing my development board

> Hello matthew
> I'm suffering from the same problem as you referred belowed.
> Did you solve the problem ? If you did, please let me know the solution.
> I can't proceed my experiment any more.
> Best Regards,
> Bo-hee Lee from South Korea
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> Hi
> I'm having trouble flashing my development board.  It works fine with
> but kflash
> will result in the Amber LED flashing constantly.
> I read on the archived mailing list that I could try changing the
> DEF_R_WAITSTATES in the kernel
> from 95a6 to 95f8.  But this has not helped at all.
> I seem to be stuck with a board that will no longer flash.  Any idea why ?
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