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Re: Reloading the kernel

As Mikael said, you can use ftp to upgrade the flash.
To speed up test turnaround time, I guess it would be possible
to implement ftp uploading of a "kimage" file directly to RAM
as well, I don't think this is on anyones TODO list, though
it is on my wish list...

Otherwise I see three potential solutions to enable
network boot without pressing the reset button.

1) Make sure the board always is in network boot mode
    and force a reboot through the hardware watchdog.
    (Note: this will prevent you from booting from flash)

2) Implement the same functionality as the boot rom has,
so a boot packet can be received and start execution from that.
This could then be trigged using telnet, ftp or http etc.

3) It might be possible to jump directly to the ETRAX boot ROM code
to the position when it has read the bus status pins and
waits for packets to arrive. You probably have to
initialise the registers etc. to some correct values for it to work.
But I would guess our ASIC department will think this is a
bad idea though...
(And I don't know exactly where you should jump...)
This could then be trigged using telnet, ftp or http etc.


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> Is there any way to start the boot-loader from a telnet prompt (i.e. make
> it possible to ktest or kflash a board without access to the reset and
> button), since this would greatly improve turnaround time when testing a
> deeply embedded etrax board (major disassembly needed to get access to the
> reset button).
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> Anders Blomdell
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