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Re: Reloading the kernel

On 2001.04.04 15:11:12 Anders Blomdell wrote:
> Is there any way to start the boot-loader from a telnet prompt (i.e. make
> it possible to ktest or kflash a board without access to the reset and
> boot
> button), since this would greatly improve turnaround time when testing a
> deeply embedded etrax board (major disassembly needed to get access to
> the
> reset button).
Maybe you could download the kimage into the RAM disk mounted at /tmp and
do a "cat kimage >/dev/flash1"(you have to look up which partition that
Linux+ROMfs. I'm not sure that it is /dev/flash1.) and then "reboot". 
I havn't tried this, but I think it could work. 

/Jonas Åberg