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RE: Connecting more than one flash memory to the Etrax.


Etrax has two chips selects reserved for flashes (e.g. the 
developer board IDE uses two flashes connected this way). 
No software changes are necessary. In the linux 2.4 it
will be possible to have a JFFS partition that spans over
multiple flashes.

You can of course also connect two 16 bit flashes to
the same chip select and access them as one 32-bit flash.
The 2.0 based elinux has no support for this but the 2.4
release will handle this.


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On the Etrax 100 schematics the flash memory is connected only
to the first 16 pins of the databus(d0-d15). What changes in software 
would be needed if I put a 4mb flash exactly as on the etrax schematics 
and a second 4mb flash on the upper 16 pins of the datebus(d16-d32) and
otherwise it is connected as the first flash memory?

Does somebody has a better idea how to connect more than one flash
memory to the etrax without too much software changes are required?

Maybe using the two chipselects that are specially asigned to flash
could be a better idea?

I hope it's clear what I mean.

 Best regards,