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RE: Schematic and PCB

Hi Marcelo.

Our schematic and PCB layout are done with PADS.  We do not have any tools to convert the files to Tango, Orcad or any other common CAD format.  Maybe you can find a friendly soul on this list that has done some of the work in Orcad that is willing to share.  Or if there's anybody out there that knows an easy way to convert PADS to another format, you're welcome to get the PADS-files from us.

Best regards,
Fred Jonsson
Axis Communications

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From: Marcelo Gomes de Souza [mailto:mgsouza@xxxxxxx.br]
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Subject: Schematic and PCB


    Does anybody have a Tango or Orcad schematic and PCB layouts for the
evaluation board or something similar? The pdf version isn't appropriate for
manufacturing, and it's not possible to make use of the schematics  to
design major projects.

Thanks in advance.

Marcelo Gomes de Souza