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Re: glibc

> From: matthew.hook@xxxxxxx.nz
> Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2001 14:40:04 +1200

> I read somewhere in the archives for this mailing list that it is
> recommended that libc
> be used with C++ programs.

Do not expect C++ together with glibc to work at the moment;
they don't.  Sorry.  They are being worked on.

> I tried to compile and install libc but without success...

You shouldn't need to install glibc separately.  Unfortunately
the glibc installed with the cris-dist-1.11 RPM does not work

>  I'm not sure if
> I did this correctly
> but basically it looked like it didn't like the compiler options... this
> was the error
> after trying to compile "lib-glibc-R28"

FWIW, that version does not work *at all* with cris-dist-1.11 as
you noticed.

> I've had a look at the gnu libc page and there is a much newer library
> glibc 2.2.2 available
> and works with cris.

Not 2.2.2, but it seems 2.2.3 includes a work-in-progress CRIS
port recently contributed.  It's a bit unfortunate that it made
it into a release, because it doesn't work.  I *did* mention to
the glibc people that it was work in progress, and that it at
the time just worked for "Hello, world".  Oh, and cris-dist-1.11
won't work with it, so playing with glibc CVS will unfortunately
not help you.

>  It's about a 13 MB download.  I'm going to try and
> use it however
> is it too large to use on the development boards?

The code I'm working on seems to fit.  Don't waste your time
with that 13 MB though.  Sorry, you just hit the bleeding edge.

> Or am I just totally off on a tangent and don't need to worry about any of
> this?

It depends on what you're trying to do.  People have had some
(limited?) success using C++, but IIRC not together with glibc.
Trying to install various old versions of glibc is wasted time.

brgds, H-P