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Connect with character LCD

Hello !

Does anybody know how to control a character LCD(HD44780) with dev board ?
I read a document titled "how to write device drivers for ETRAX100", and connected with LCD as follows.
 LCD                     Dev Board(lpt1/par0)  
 RS       <--->           pin 2
 R/W      <--->           pin 1
 E        <--->           pin 6 
 D0       <--->           pin 3
 D1       <--->           pin 5
 D2       <--->           pin 7
 D3       <--->           pin 9
 D4       <--->           pin 11
 D5       <--->           pin 13
 D6       <--->           pin 15 
 D7       <--->           pin 17
 Vcc(+5V:external power supply)
 Ve(<---> gnd)        
I did generate a new image as the document showed, and I typed a sample message as follows
>>echo "hello world" > /dev/lcd  
but I can't see any message. I checked the Config.in,chr_dev_init(),Makefile,and head.S files, of course I did deselect Parallel port0 using 'make menu'and generate the /dev/lcd by mean of MKNOD. Please let me know the solution.Thanks in advance. 

Bo-hee Lee

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