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>Enable Netfilter, then go down maybe 10 lines to "IPv4 netfilter
>configuration" and enable the iptables support.

Actually, I had to select "IP: Netfilter Configuration" and there were no
lines that had IPv4; however, I did find the additional options for
configuring IPTABLES.


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                    Bjorn Wesen                                                                              
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                                         Subject:     Re: IPTABLES ?                                         
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On Mon, 23 Apr 2001 ljackson@xxxxxxx.com wrote:
> I setup the Kernel config to include the Netfilter and Netfilter debug,
> the actual kernelconfig file has "CONFIG_NETFILTER_DEBUG  not set"
> and there does not seem to be a way to configure the
> so I typed it in by hand.

Enable Netfilter, then go down maybe 10 lines to "IPv4 netfilter
configuration" and enable the iptables support.

make menuconfig won't automagically update your kernelconfig, but when you
have a config you're ok with, you can of course copy the resulting .config
file into the kernelconfig file.

> I ran the make kernel and make install and I then searched through the
> directories and can not fine the IPTABLES or IPCHAINS executable.

Yeah, well, the iptables tool is a user-program not something you'll
find in the kernel tree.

I think we have an ipchains in our apps/ tree (which can be used as well
if you don't need full iptables support). Otherwise you need to download
the source for the iptables command and compile it for the Etrax.