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weirdness with cris 1.11 compiler

For code that previously compiled just fine with 1.7, I now get undefined "
__rethrow" link time errors:

I'm not using exception handling.  I haven't recompiled all the libraries
and the kernel with the new
compiler yet.  Is that the problem?

gcc_cris -melinux -s -symbolic -nostdlib -L/home/felson/axis/eroot/lib
/home/felson/axis/eroot/lib/uccrt0.o rs485_main.o rs485_task.o crc.o
bronze_commands.o check_messages.o rs485_io.o check_bronze_response.o
flash_board.o pin.o ../common/namedpipe.o ../common/io_linker_msgs.o
../common/cardmsgs.o ../common/t485msgs.o ../common/bitmanip.o
../common/localmalloc.o -lucc -lic -lgcc -o rs485
rs485_main.o(.text+0xa6): undefined reference to `__rethrow'
rs485_main.o(.text+0xb2): undefined reference to `__rethrow'
rs485_main.o(.text+0xb8): undefined reference to `terminate(void)'
rs485_task.o(.text+0xf8): undefined reference to `__rethrow'
rs485_task.o(.text+0x118): undefined reference to `__rethrow'
rs485_task.o(.text+0x138): undefined reference to `__rethrow'
check_messages.o(.text+0x2f2): undefined reference to `__rethrow'
../common/io_linker_msgs.o(.text+0x66): undefined reference to `__rethrow'
../common/cardmsgs.o(.text+0x66): more undefined references to `__rethrow'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [rs485] Error 1
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