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Re: weirdness with cris 1.11 compiler

> From: Adam Felson <afelson@xxxxxxx.com>
> Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2001 10:08:48 -0600

> For code that previously compiled just fine with 1.7, I now get undefined "
> __rethrow" link time errors:
> I'm not using exception handling.  I haven't recompiled all the libraries
> and the kernel with the new
> compiler yet.  Is that the problem?

You should definitely recompile every user library; the ABI
changed.  Though recompiling the kernel isn't necessary.

The old libraries also did not have the __rethrow symbol, which
is the symptom you're seeing.  All C++ code that is not compiled
with -fno-exceptions will, with the newer compiler, include code
to clean up after any exceptions that can be thrown through
them.  This includes calls to a library function called
__rethrow and stubs calling terminate ().  This is not something
visible in user code, though.  If know what you look for, you'll
know it happens for stack-local objects with destructors (I
might be forgetting the proper names of things).

brgds, H-P