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C++ linking problems


I'm having trouble linking a simple C++ program with the latest compiler
and devboard software 1.00 for the 100LX.

I decided to create a very simple C++ program and see if I have the same
problem - and I do.

Here is the source code which I've placed into a file named "hello.cpp"

#include <stdio.h>

class hello
    printf("hello world\n");

    printf("goodbye world\n");

int main()
  hello t;

  return 0;

My current makefile looks like this:

include $(APPS)/Rules.elinux

DIRS = .

PROGS = hello

SRCS = $(patsubst %, %/*.cpp, $(DIRS))
SRCS := $(wildcard $(SRCS))
OBJS = $(patsubst %.cpp, %.o, $(SRCS))

CXXFLAGS += -nostdinc -I$(prefix)/include/uC-libc -Wall
CXXFLAGS += -Dlinux
LDFLAGS += -L$(prefix)/lib
LDLIBS = -lucc -lic -lgcc

all: $(PROGS)

$(PROGS):  $(OBJS)
        $(CC) $(LDFLAGS) $^ $(LDLIBS) -o $@

        rm -f $(OBJS) *~ core

        makedepend -Y -- $(CFLAGS) -- $(SRCS) 2>/dev/null


Here is the output

[root@bluetooth test]# make
gcc_cris -melinux -muclibc=/home/matthewh/axis/devboard_lx/eroot -s
-symbolic -L
/home/matthewh/axis/devboard_lx/eroot/lib  test.o -lucc -lic -lgcc -o hello

/home/matthewh/axis/devboard_lx/eroot/lib/uccrt0.o: In function `start1':
/home/matthewh/axis/devboard_lx/eroot/lib/uccrt0.o(.text+0x54): undefined
reference to `main'
test.o(.text+0xa): undefined reference to `printf'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [bridged] Error 1

I've compiled C++ programs before using the old devboard 1.02 software with
1.07? compiler
without this trouble.   Can someone help.


Matt Hook.

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