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Re: Has anyone successfully compiled and installed IPTABLES? ipchains: l: Syntaxerror: "(" unexpected

OK.... I compiled the IPCHAINS my chageing the Makefiles in both
apps/ipchains and apps/ipchains/libipfwc

Basically just added:
   include $(APPS)/Rules.elinux

   PREFIX = $(prefix)

Then removed the variable assignments for CC and stuff.

OK.  I got it compiled and moved to the board.
The Kernel is compiled for IPCHAINS  -- i.e.  /proc/net/ip_fwchains exists

Now when I run ipchains I get :
ipchains:  l:  Syntax error: "(" unexpected

Any clues?  Is this coming fromthe Kernel?  I could not find the string
"Syntax" in the source for ipchains.

Thanks in advance!