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Re: C++ linking problems

> Hi Matthew,

> It seems that you moved your application(s) without updating your build
> target.  I.e, you forgot to 'make clinux' before building your
> application for the Developer Board LX.  The reason you're getting a
> link error is that the compiler doesn't add an underscore to C variable
> names for a clinux target (which is how your library was built) like it
> does for an elinux target.

Thanks Orjan,  that has fixed many of the unresolved symbols however I'm
still getting
unresolved references to a few functions.. see below:

common/Debug.o(.text+0x60): undefined reference to `strdup(char const *)'
PPP/PPPDriver.o: In function `PPPDriver::LocateFrame(void)':
PPP/PPPDriver.o(.text+0x878): undefined reference to `memmove(void *, void
 *, unsigned long)'
bcsp/BCSP.o: In function `BCSP::ConfigureCommsPort(char *)':
bcsp/BCSP.o(.text+0x54a): undefined reference to `strtok(char *, char const
bcsp/SLIP.o: In function `SLIP::LocateFrame(unsigned short)':
bcsp/SLIP.o(.text+0x46e): undefined reference to `memmove(void *, void
const *,
unsigned long)'
bluetooth/BluetoothDeviceManager.o: In function
Data(_BCSPTransferRequest *, char *)':
bluetooth/BluetoothDeviceManager.o(.text+0x16c4): undefined reference to
(char *, char const *)'
bluetooth/BluetoothDeviceManager.o: In function
Data(unsigned char *, unsigned short, char *)':
bluetooth/BluetoothDeviceManager.o(.text+0x1722): undefined reference to
(char *, char const *)'
BridgeStateInitial.o: In function
BridgeStateInitial.o(.text+0x196): undefined reference to
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [bridged] Error 1