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compiling and linking problems

I am trying to compile and run a small test program that illustrates some
compiling and linking problems that I am having with the cris 1.11 compiler

The problems that I have are:

1. There is no prototype for the bsearch function in the  stdio.h found in
the devboard_lx software. I had to include the stdio.h found in the
directory to get past a compiler problem
2.  I get an undefined for the fopen function when the function is part of
a c++ class method. fopen works fine if  it is not part of a c++ method.
Moreover there seems to be no problem for  the fprintf function.

I also get an undefined for errno when I compile another program.

I am attaching a  .tgz file that illustrates problems 1 and 2. It has the
source files and the makefile.

The program works fine if it is compiled for the REDHAT platform as follows

make clean

It will NOT compile for the etrax100lx platform as follows:

make clean
make clinux

The program should compile and run for the etrax100 platform using cris 1.7

Please tell me what I am doing wrong?

Mark Schapira

(See attached file: test100lx.tgz)