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nfs mounts

I am attempting to use the nfs client to mount a directory on an nfs
server. The format of the command that I am using is:
mount -t nfs n.n.n.n:/full/directory/path /mnt/flash/directory where
n.n.n.n is the ip address for the server.

The response to the command is
mount: Mounting n.n.n.n:/full/directory/path on directory failed :  No such

This command worked with the developer board 1.0.2 software.

I was able to mount the nfs directory /full/directory/path from another
client computer.

The format of the entry in /etc/exports is :
/full/directory/path boardname(rw)

and there is an entry in /etc/hosts for the nfs server for the nfs client
of the form
c.c.c.c    boardname
where c.c.c.c is the ip address of the client

I can ping the nfs server from the nfs client. using the command
ping  n.n.n.n

I can ping the nfs client from the nfs server using the command
ping boardname

Is there anything that I am doing wrong.

Mark Schapira