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Re: nfs mounts

On Mon, Apr 30, 2001 at 03:08:06PM -0600, Mark Schapira wrote:
> I am attempting to use the nfs client to mount a directory on an nfs
> server. The format of the command that I am using is:
> mount -t nfs n.n.n.n:/full/directory/path /mnt/flash/directory where
> n.n.n.n is the ip address for the server.
> The response to the command is
> mount: Mounting n.n.n.n:/full/directory/path on directory failed :  No such
> device
> This command worked with the developer board 1.0.2 software.
> I was able to mount the nfs directory /full/directory/path from another
> client computer.
> The format of the entry in /etc/exports is :
> /full/directory/path boardname(rw)
> and there is an entry in /etc/hosts for the nfs server for the nfs client
> of the form
> c.c.c.c    boardname
> where c.c.c.c is the ip address of the client
> I can ping the nfs server from the nfs client. using the command
> ping  n.n.n.n
> I can ping the nfs client from the nfs server using the command
> ping boardname
> Is there anything that I am doing wrong.

nfs client code is in the kernel, it seems that you forgot to compile it in
your kernel, when the command is calling mount syscall there is an errno set
to ENODEV which is returned if filesystem type is not configured in the
kernel and your perror seems just about right.


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