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RE: insmod and Etrax 100LX

On 2001.04.30 16:51:24 Mikael Starvik wrote:
> With ELF binaries and ETRAX 100 LX it should be possible.
> No one has tested it yet so please tell us if you succeed.

Configurating, and compiling goes ok, but some architechture
depended files is missing.

There is a problem with the type of "elf" Etrax use. 
(Loading of .o files.)
There is one for each architecture(i386, arm, hppa, m68k...)
which one is most equal to the Etrax? What changes are there?

Also, each architecture has an own header file. I tried
to create one for cris. But there are two setting that 
I don't know what to set to.
Here it is:

/* Machine-specific elf macros for CRIS */
/* info taken from asm-cris/elf.h */
#define ELFCLASSM       ELFCLASS32

#define MATCH_MACHINE(x)  (x= EM_CRIS)

/* Two below, I don't know what to set them too.
   At the moment, it is the i386 settings. */ 
#define SHT_RELM        SHT_REL
/* Alternative: SHT_RELA */
#define Elf32_RelM      Elf32_Rel
/* Alternative: Elf32_RelA */

Look in /usr/include/elf.h for more info. I havn't reach
the linking, so I don't know if some functions is missing in uclibc.

Any help would be apprechated! I would really like to have insmod


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