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Re: C library problem

On Tue, May 01, 2001 at 07:01:08AM +0200, Hans-Peter Nilsson wrote:
> > PS: Does cris compiler support __builtin_expect hint? I just redefined it
> > since it didn't seem to work on e100 maybe the e100lx supports it.
> What kind of problem are you experiencing?  Do you have a
> test-case?  What compiler are you using; is it cris-dist-1.11?

Nope I am using an older compiler, I am working on the e100 processor and am
using devboard-R1_0_2-with_compiler.tgz which comes with cris-dist-1.7/

The problem might have been fixed in the newer compiler, though. What is
happening is when I compile the uC-lib that uses the __builtin_expect the
library is compiled just fine but when you try to link a program against it
fails during linking, complaining about a missing symbol by that name, I
haven't checked if the compiler rearanged the blocks of code in the library
but it seems that it doesn't understand the __builtin_expect hint and it
just makes a symbol reference by that name, that's why I made my own macro.

> I've found and fixed a related bug in cris-dist-1.11 and would
> like to confirm that it is the same problem.

Hope that is the same problem and it's fixed.

> By the way, there
> is no CPU- or board-specific difference, or difference between
> -melinux vs. -mlinux regarding this.

Yes I understand, wrong choice of wording. What I ment was that maybe the
devboard for 100 has it fixed in the compiler that comes with it it, if
there is such a package.

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