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To make insmod work requires some work

Hi folks!

I've been trying to compile insmod and to make it work.
Since the elf file format is architechture dependent,
and there is no supported architechture that is quite equal 
to Etrax, I've given up because I don't have 
enought time for it.

The modutil compiles and works, except that it can't load
CRIS elf files correctly.

I've come abit on the way, and in this mail I write down
what I've found out, if someone wants to continue on the work.

First flags for build modutils package:
export MODULE_DIR=/opt/Etrax/modutils-2.4.5
export AXIS_DIR=/opt/Etrax/devboard_lx/
export BUILDCC=gcc
export "CC=$AXIS_DIR/tools/gcc_cris -mlinux -DCRISMMU
export LD=$AXIS_DIR/tools/ld_cris 
export "CFLAGS= -O2 -Wall"
export "LDFLAGS=-s -static"
export AS=as-cris
export AR=ar-cris
export RANLIB=ranlib-cris
(Maybe you have to compile a program named makecrc32 in directory
genksyms with "gcc makecrc32.c -o makecrc32")

Also you have to make a link from /usr/include/elf.h to 
include/elf.h. It is needed to compile.

And configure switch:
./configure --host=cris

In the directory include/ you have the
architechture depend header files. I've found
out the architechture of the CRIS elf header file.
Some parts came from asm-cris/elf.h, and the last
two lines are assumed to be correct from using
some "Elf Kicker tools" for ELF analysing.
(Also modinfo tell you that, if you have compiled it with
other switches.)

Here comes:  include/elf_cris.h

/* Machine-specific elf macros for CRIS */
#define EM_CRIS         76    /* from asm/elf.h */

#define ELFCLASSM       ELFCLASS32

#define MATCH_MACHINE(x)  (x= EM_CRIS)

#define SHT_RELM        SHT_RELA
#define Elf32_RelM      Elf32_Rela

There is no archtechture supported by modutils that has the
same variants of "ELFCLASSM", "ELFDATAM", "SHT_RELM" and "Elf32_RelM"
(Look in the include/ directory)

To compile a module for Etrax you do like this:
(Thanks to Lars Viklund at Axis for help!)

gcc_cris -fno-leading-underscore -O2 -Wall -c -I/opt/Etrax/linux/include 
-DMODULE -D__KERNEL__ -DCRISMMU -D__linux__ foo.c

Left is to write a file named "obj/obj_cris.c" that can load cris
ELF binaries.:-)


Jonas Aaberg               Email: aberg@xxxxxxx.ch
Supercomputing Systems AG  Web:   http://www.scs.ch
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