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RE: turning off debug on com2?

To prevent the console messages from appearing on ttyS2 ....

the dev/console ttyS2 is actually in the axis/devboard_lx/Makefile !!!

Change this:
     # We want console messages from syslogd to appear on the debug port.
     ln -sf ttyS2 $(prefix)/dev/console
     # We want console messages from syslogd to appear on the debug port.
     ln -sf ttyS0 $(prefix)/dev/console

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First you need to disable or move the kernel debug port.

1. cd elinux (I assume you are using the 2.0 based elinux?)
2. make menuconfig
3. Modify the debug port in hardware setup
4. exit menuconfig
5. make clean ; make dep ; make ; make zImage
6. cd ..

Then you should move the console output. In prodspec
you will find a line like this:

dev/console ttyS2

change this to some other serial port or /dev/null

The last thing to change is the serial login. In
files/etc/inittab you will find the following line:

tty3:3:respawn:/sbin/agetty -L ttyS2 115200

Again change ttyS2 to something else.

7. mkrpod -i
8. ./kflash


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how do I keep debugging info from being sent to ttyS2? I need to use it as
a real serial port, but the text getting sent to it every time root logs
in, the openbt stack starts, etc. is screwing me up.
           thanks, patrick