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RE: problem with 2.4 kernel and debug port


To turn off CONFIG_USE_SERIAL_CONSOLE is not enough. You
should also set product debug port to disabled under hardware
setup with make menuconfig

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Subject: problem with 2.4 kernel and debug port


I'm trying to turn off all the debugging on com2.

link for /dev/console removed from main Makefile

cd ~/axis/devboard_lx
. ./init_env
cd os/linux
make menuconfig

{configure options and exit
i.e. configure kernel with CONFIG_USE_SERIAL_CONSOLE turned off.}

make dep

cd ../..
make kernel
make images

Unfortunately flashit shows Using internal boot loader: DBG2 - Debug on
so it looks like it didn't work.

However, something has definately happened because the kernel debug that IS
printed out is now
coming through as rubbish.   It looks similar to this
The baudrate etc is set up as it always was... 115200,8,N,1.   If I
download another image it prints out
ok debug...

Has anyone else discovered a similar problem ?


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