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RE: Installation DEV LX software

> > I think this is because you haven't got byacc.
> Please tell me what's "byacc" and where can I download it? I 
> was doing step
> by step as the instruction in README file.

On RedHat and Debian: install the byacc package (rpm or deb).

> > On my computer the file /usr/include/zlib.h is in the zlib-devel
> > package (rpm).
> I checked again. It doesn't exist in my server. But I've downloaded as
> instruction in other repyling. I think GZIP was not installed 
> in my server.

RedHat: install zlib-devel rpm.

Debian: install zlib1g-dev (I think).

> BTW, I still couldn't run a simple program in DEVB. The error 
> message was
> included in the other email, subject: "Cannot execute file in 
> DEVB". Do you
> have any idea?

See other mail I just sent.