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RE: Cannot execute file in DEVB

Yes, I did. And this is the output when I compile and link program:

thai@ash:~/axis/devboard_lx/apps/hello$ make clinux
rm -rf .target_*
touch .target_clinux
thai@ash:~/axis/devboard_lx/apps/hello$ make install
gcc_cris -mlinux -DCRISMMU -muclibc=/home/thai/axis/devboard_lx/eroot -Wall 
-Wall   -c -o hello.o hello.c
gcc_cris -mlinux -DCRISMMU -muclibc=/home/thai/axis/devboard_lx/eroot -s -st
 hello.o  -o hello
install_elinux -d /home/thai/axis/devboard_lx/eroot/bin
install_elinux -m 0755 hello /home/thai/axis/devboard_lx/eroot/bin

> Did you do "make clinux"? What output do you get when you compile
> and link?
> brgds
> /Jonas