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interesting bug

I was using the old 2.0 uClinux kernel on the Etrax 100LX board
and accidentily gave it a wrong IP address...

It turned out to be the same IP address as our file, dns and web server.

It seems that even though the IP address conflicts with this main network
it still accepted the address and did not do the normal behaviour of
disabling the
interface so as not to interfere with whoever has the real address.

I had someone telling me that a traceroute was resolving to the axis
developer board
I was using... and suddenly the whole building was complaining that things
were not
working... oops.  All web sites were resolving to this board as well !

I've found that with the old build process, the JFFS does not update
and you sometimes end up with old configuration files in there... anyone
know why??

I was doing a full mkprod and the files within the the "files" directory
were modified.
I deliberately did a make clean and removed the eroot directory to be
sure.. and
remove the vmlinuz files just to be sure of a new kernel build... still, an
old file got
on there somehow... it's confusing.


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