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Re: interesting bug

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From: <matthew.hook@xxxxxxx.nz>
To: <dev-etrax@xxxxxxx.com>
Sent: Wednesday, May 09, 2001 07:10
Subject: interesting bug

> I was using the old 2.0 uClinux kernel on the Etrax 100LX board
> and accidentily gave it a wrong IP address...
> It turned out to be the same IP address as our file, dns and web server.
> It seems that even though the IP address conflicts with this main network
> server
> it still accepted the address and did not do the normal behaviour of
> disabling the
> interface so as not to interfere with whoever has the real address.

Who can tell which one that got the "real" address?
Maybe there's a kernel option to do the "disable thing",
haven't used it myself.

> I had someone telling me that a traceroute was resolving to the axis
> developer board
> I was using... and suddenly the whole building was complaining that things
> were not
> working... oops.  All web sites were resolving to this board as well !
> I've found that with the old build process, the JFFS does not update
> properly
> and you sometimes end up with old configuration files in there... anyone
> know why??

I'm not sure I know what you mean, how did you upgrade the board?
Depending on your options to boot_elinux the JFFS image will be
updated or not.
If you use ftp and the target "flash_all" the  JFFS image should always
be updated, if you use the target "flash", the image will only be updated
if the JFFSID differs (/etc/release) from the default image ID
(JIMAGEID in /usr/etc/defaultfiles/jimageid).
If you have done something that updates the JFFS image you should
update the [jimageid] section in the prodspec to be on the safe side.

(For the devboard_lx buildsystem with a Makefile there is probably
a similar way)

> I was doing a full mkprod and the files within the the "files" directory
> were modified.
> I deliberately did a make clean and removed the eroot directory to be
> sure.. and
> remove the vmlinuz files just to be sure of a new kernel build... still,
> old file got
> on there somehow... it's confusing.
> Matt