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Re: memory disappears and never returns

Does it help if you leave the power out for like 30 seconds before
starting it again?
We have noticed that part of the DRAM content is intact
quite long after power is removed.
There shouldn't be any dependencies like that in the code (anymore..),
but perhaps you've found something we've missed.


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Subject: memory disappears and never returns

> Got a weird one!
> Sometimes a program running on the etrax 100LX will cause the system to
> crash and upon rebooting
> /proc/meminfo only shows a fraction of available memory as being
> rebooting doesn't help;  proc/meminfo still showed only 340K free memory
> out of 8M
> cycling the power doesn't help either.
> The only thing I know of that cures it is to reflash the board.
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