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Re: Problems compiling ppp for linux-2.4

On Wed, May 09, 2001 at 01:23:46PM +0200, Hampus Häggström wrote:
> Now to the problem. I need to run ppp on the devboard (running linux 2.4.3)
> to make a connection over a null-modem.
> I am trying to compile the pppd thats included in the tarball: 
> apps-devboard_20001027.tgz but it won't compile. 

linux-2.4 needs ppp-2.4.0, that version is based on ppp-2.3.0-something
(I think).

I've hacked up ppp-2.4.0 to work with etrax LX. I removed chap
authentication since I don't need it and remade the makefiles to
look more like other makefiles for etrax (but they are rather ugly right
now due to a lot of experimentation). I didn't get chap to work since
it depended on some function in libcrypt which in turn depended on
some missing function in uclibc.

Anyway, I've put that hacked version on:
As always: No support, no warranty.