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Re: SV: Problems compiling ppp for linux-2.4

On Wed, May 09, 2001 at 03:38:11PM +0200, Hampus Häggström wrote:
> Thanks for your help!
> I compiled yor ppp-2.4.0 with the following:
> >make clinux
> >make
> it went through the compilation (with som warnings) and produced pppd but
> when I try to run it on the Etrax LX board it says something like:
> "This system lacks kernel support for PPP...."
> Sound like the kernel has to be configured for ppp, is that the case?
> If so, how is it done?

make menuconfig
enable ppp and "async ppp" (from memory...).

linux-2.4 also uses /dev/ppp (char-device 108.0) which you must create on
the etrax filesystem. Add in packages/devices/standard/Makefile:
@$(MKNOD) -m 0444           $(DEV)/ppp       c   108 0