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Re: System V IPC on LX

David Andersson wrote:
> I have one more SV IPC question:
> Today I've been trying to use IPC shared mem
> (for 2.4 kernel on LX chip) and in this case
> the src compiles and links ok for target, but
> when try to run it, I get an error printout:
>   shmget: Function not implemented
> (I'm using shmget() and shmat())
> Is there any way to get this working?

That message sounds like a kernel configuration issue.  Just to be
certain, check that you have CONFIG_SYSVIPC=y in your .config file in
os/linux, and then recompile the kernel.  I've run a small application
that uses shmget, shmat and shmctl and it works fine.

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