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image not flashing properly

In one of my prior emails I mentioned something about the JFFS not updating

Well I have some more information.

I changed some files and build a new images with mkprod.  Then I did a
flash write
with ./klfash

The image was sent and flashed to the board... unfortunately as I have
disabled the
debug port I cannot see what is going on.  It appears as though perhaps the
does not write correctly and the board will boot up ok, but will have the
wrong configuration
files in /etc
The inittab on the board does not match what is placed into eroot after
mkprod is run,
and the same has occasionally occured with the network.conf file.

So, I flashed it again (4 or 5 times actually), and eventually the correct
image was written.

Could this be related at all to the prior posting of memory being lost
during a crash?

As a point of interest, I have not seen this problem at all with the new
devboard software
containing the 2.4 kernel


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