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Re: Assembler compiler errors

> From: mark.hudson@xxxxxxx.nz
> Date: Thu, 10 May 2001 15:02:27 +1200

> Here is some more information containing my compiler flags.

Ok, I see what's going on: adding -D__KERNEL__ enables inline
functions that use assembly code syntax that is not assemblable
for -mlinux (in user code; outside the kernel): it does not have
a "$" prepended to register names.  Though that's not the only
reason that that some code doesn't work outside the kernel. :-)

Having that -D__KERNEL__ indicates misuse of the source;
__KERNEL__ should *only* be defined when compiling the kernel.
Do you have to -D__KERNEL__ for some specific reason, or can you
in fact remove it?

Or is this actually kernel code?  By the use of "struct sk_buff"
it seems like part of the kernel.  If so, it shouldn't be
compiled with "-mlinux".  Note that kernel modules are not

> I have also provided some information from my source code where the
> warnings occur.  However I don't think that it is the warnings that
> are the cause of the problem.

No, they don't seem to have any bearing to the problem, except
that strnlen_user is definitely a kernel-only function.

> The /tmp/ccBpVJBg.s file is a temporary file created by the compiler.

Which would be sm.s if you add -save-temps to compiler flags.
Sorry, should have mentioned that.  I don't need to see sm.s,

brgds, H-P