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RE: command line editing w/ the new 2.4 kernel

> > > I tried sash but then ^C interrupting of processes doesn't 
> > > work.  Is there
> > > a way to get both command line editing
> > > and the ability to kill a foreground process (attached to 
> > > tty) with ^c?
> > 
> > None that I know of. I haven't seen a shell suitable for
> > embedded systems wich is both Bourne compatible (like ash) and
> > has command line editing (like sash). But maybe there are one
> > that I don't know of...
> Wouldn't it be possible to adjust ash to link in the GNU
> readline library?

I saw a mail about that somewhere and it sounded a bit tricky (I think it was called cash, command-line ash, or something like that), but it may be worth a try.