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RE: Debug messages on ser1


Yes, that is possible. The lack of FIFO for ser1 doesn't matter
(and in ETRAX 100LX there is a FIFO for ser1).


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Subject: Debug messages on ser1

Hi guys,

I have a question regarding the debug and console output:

by default it all comes on ser2 which is one of the DB9 connectors on 
the dev board.

I understand from the schematics that the ser1 port of the etrax is 
wired to the 2x5 header near the reset button; these are not RS232  
levels but 3.3v.
Is it possible that if I make a RS232 level shifter for that connector I 
can send all debug output and console output/input to that port.
(by recompiling kernels/ setting console and launching getty on that 
port ofcourse).

I would be nice because it frees up a serial port that I need for my  
For Linux it won't be a problem I guess (since I have done similar 
things on other platforms) but is technically possible on the Etrax 
hardware (because I noticed in the schematics that serial1 has no FIFO)


Bart Duchesne