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using pthreads on the LX development board


I recently got the ETRAX-100LX development board and succeeded in 
loading linux 2.4.3 on it as per the instructions on the website. The 
original kernel version had been 2.0.38.

I now need to port our application code onto the board. The software 
uses the pthreads library which I think is supported on the etrax-lx 
development platform. However, I am experiencing some errors in the 
link process. Could someone kindly give me some pointers on how to 
link with pthreads? Is using "-lpthreads" with the linker sufficient? 
Are there other linker options that I need to give? What are the 
standard libraries and linker options for this board? I looked at the 
example applications, but only one references the pthreads library, 
and I am not sure how to compile that. I tried looking at 
Rules.elinux that most example apps use, but I might have missed 

On a different note, I noted some missing documentation on how to get 
the compiled images onto the board. I had worked with the earlier 
versions of the board (non-LX), and I had to to press the boot and 
reset buttons on the board in some combination to prepare the board 
to get new images. I had to do the same thing on this board too, but 
any documentation for this process seems to be lacking on the 
website. Maybe I am missing something there too?



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