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RE: using pthreads on the LX development board

At 9:17 AM +0200 5/15/2001, Jonas Holmberg wrote:
>  > > On a different note, I noted some missing documentation on
>>  how to get
>>  > the compiled images onto the board. I had worked with the earlier
>>  > versions of the board (non-LX), and I had to to press the boot and
>>  > reset buttons on the board in some combination to prepare the board
>>  > to get new images. I had to do the same thing on this board too, but
>>  > any documentation for this process seems to be lacking on the
>>  > website. Maybe I am missing something there too?
>>  It's described in
>>  http://developer.axis.com/doc/software/tools/boot_elinux-howto.html
>>  that is (more or less) valid for the 2.4 port as well,
>>  although that should
>>  be made clearer.
>>  Thanks for the input.
>It's also in 
>(just before the description of how to use the ktest and flashit 

Ah, yes. I stand corrected.