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Re: elinux on LX devboard

Hampus Häggström wrote:

> Hi,
> i'm having trouble running ppp on the LX-board (linux-2.4.3). I have tried
> to compile the ppp included in the apps-devboard_20001027.tgz but without
> success. It seems to me like this version is for the elinux kernel...so I
> figured that if I installed the old devtools and the elinux kernel it should
> compile.

For kernel 2.4.x you need pppd-2.4.x, prefably 2.4.1 since 2.4.0
contains some annoying bugs.

The pppd-2.4.x packages hasn't been imported/ported to our repository
yet, but I will do it Real Soon Now! :-)

Note: It is possible to get pppd-2.3.11 to run on a 2.4.x kernel, it
just need some tweaking.