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Re: Request for Configure.help texts for ETRAX config symbols.

On Wed, 16 May 2001, Steven Cole wrote:
> Eric Raymond and I are trying to reduce the number of CONFIG options
> which have no entries in the Configure.help file.  As of 2.4.5-pre2, the
> following list of ETRAX-related symbols have no help texts.
> Could someone please send us your Configure.help file which covers some or
> all of these items?

If there is anything missing in Linus Configure.help, it means we don't
have it either yet (subject to some lag of course). But we'll reach
synchronicity sooner or later :)

(that is, we know there are help-texts missing and we're adding them when
we get time, but we try to keep the updates in bulk-form so it'll be
easier to maintain)