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RE: interfacing 3.3v logic with 5v logic

Hi Bart.
I don't really know what you mean with one-wire-lan adapter.
You can use the parallel connectors for interfacing external logic,
this however requires that you have a driver that accesses these pins.
It shouldn't be to hard to modify the I2C driver to use parallel port pins instead
of today's PB0 and PB1.
The I2C bus (without modification) is not available on any pin header.
You can connect 5V logic to the parallel port buffer circuit (U2) without 
damaging ETRAX.


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Subject: interfacing 3.3v logic with 5v logic

Hi all

I want to make a one-wire-lan adapter for the etrax lx development board
and develop bit-bang software for it.
Are the parallel ports suitble for this (these are the only ports that
are brought out on a header.
Also I want the e-trax to interface to an external i2c bus. (is the
internal i2c bus brought out on a header somewhere ?

Can someone please give me some tips to interface 5v logic to the 3.3v
devboard LX


Bart Duchesne