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Re: using __clone() system call on Etrax-LX with Linux 2.4.3

> From: Ujwal "S." Sathyam <ujwal@xxxxxxx.com>
> Date: 17 May 2001 17:21:56 -0700

>   24:   3f0d 0000 0000          jump 0 <__clone>
>   2a:   7fb6                    ret
>   2c:   0f05                    nop
> I don't know much about assembly, but this does not look quite correct
> to me. The second instruction is a jump 0.

No, that detail is most probably not the culprit.  There was
quite probably a relocation there, which would have been listed
if you had also given "-r" to objdump-cris.

brgds, H-P