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problems with debug port


I'm having some interesting problems with one of the ports on the axis
developer board.
The problem has occurred on 2 different boards with exactly the same

I've written a simple program to route between the 2 serial ports on the
board.  The problem
is that serial 2 will not read, but it will transmit fine.  I've tried
other software
that achieves the same thing and the same result occurs.  I've disabled
serial 2 for
debug printing, and even found I had to completely disable syslogd in order
for it
not to print any debug at all to the serial 2 port, in addition to all the
other recomended things
to turn off.

How can it be that I can transmit on serial 2, but can not receive ?  When
the same code
opens serial 1, the port behaves as expected.  I've had this working before
but at odd times
it would play up and no data would route between the 2 ports.. has anyone
experienced similar
problems before with serial 2 ?


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