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RE: problems with debug port

On the elinux version, I had actually removed /dev/console, removed debug
printing from the kernel.
Commented out the line in the syslog.conf as you've mensioned below and
removed agettty from
ttyS2.  After telneting into the board I was able to verify that agetty was
not running.  However, despite
all of this, listen32 (a serial tap program) showed some of my debug which
was being sent to syslog,
was still appearing out serial 2. I disabled syslogd and it no longer

I haven't experimented long enough with clinux to discover whether I have
the same problems... however,
I'm not using clinux for now as I still cannot get the com ports to perform
well enough for my application
within the time frame that I have.

I have discovered why the read was not receiving data though... I must have
run over the cable with
my chair and broken a wire... so I have this working now... but the above
problem is still there... for now
my solution is to disable syslog... and considering I'm not storing any
syslog data anywhere, why run it


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> How can it be that I can transmit on serial 2, but can not
> receive ?

Maybe because another process also reads from ttyS2? My guess would be that
you still have the serial login (agetty) on ttyS2. Comment it out in
/etc/inittab (or change it to another ttyS?) and reset the board.

You should not have to disbale syslogd. Edit /etc/syslog.conf and comment
out the line:

*.info        /dev/console

That's what makes syslogd write to ttyS2 because /dev/console is a symbolic
link to ttyS2 and it should be (re)moved as well (I'm not sure if it's used
by syslogd only). Usually I make it a link to another serial port instead
(in axis/devboard_lx/Makefile) so that I can get syslogd's output while
using ttyS2 for other purposes. You can of course see the syslog messages
in /var/log/messages (see /etc/syslog.conf).

Best regards