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Unable to make 'hello' work on my Devboard

Hi all,

I received my Etrax100LX development board two weeks ago and began to follow
the docs to run  the first C code on the board.
My hello.c compiles and runs on my host (Mandrake 8.0 (2.4.3))but when I had
put it on the 100LX the system answered me that there is "no such file or
directory". I have ftp'd Hello in binary mode and I have made chmod 755.
Any idea ?

I thought I would be more lucky in flashing the whole memory and I tried to
'make images' but I obtained a [cramfs.img] Erreur 1 because the compiler
cannot find 'Zlib.h'.

Where can I find this file ?

Thank you

Jean-Yves LUX