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RE: Flash upgrade on the board

Hi Vincent.

Has anyone done a Flash upgrade on the developer board LX?
I want to upgrade the flash memory to 4MBytes, but have 3 questions:

1) Where can i buy a 4 Mbyte Flash? The problem is that the shops
usually don't sell small amount of flashes.

**I know it can be quite tricky to get flashes. I would try to order
prototype samples directly from the manufacturer. Make sure to use
an AMD compatible flash. 

2)Is it easy to take off the 2Mbyte flash and attach the new flash to
the board without any damage.

**It's quite hard to do this if you haven't got the right equipment.
I recommend that you let someone with experience do this for you. 

3) Do I have to change any software?

**You need to make some repartitioning in the ptablespec file.

Vincent Lenders