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RE: About memory

The reason for mixing the address lines on the developer board is to make 
it possible for you to mount a 2Mbyte DRAM chip in the same pads as the 8Mbyte DRAM.
No changes has to be done in hardware. If you run devboard_lx 1.0.0 software no changes
has to be done either. 
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From: Yongtao Ye [mailto:ytye@xxxxxxx.net]
Sent: den 1 juni 2001 14:50
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Subject: About memory

    I wonder why the EDO memory address bus on the devboard
 is not connected correspondingly, that is A01 connected to
 A01. And I don't know the use of s10-s13 on the board.
    When I went to buy flash memory, I could't find the
 T-type(the boot sector on the top),so I bought the B-type
 flash(the boot sector on the bottom). And I wonder what
 changes should I do on the hardware and software design .
    Thanks in advance!
Yongtao Ye.