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Re: pppd...

Rafael Reinoso wrote:

> Hi!
> In http://mhonarc.axis.se/dev-etrax/msg00162.html there was a question about
> this:
> "Hello! I have a problem with starting pppd on serial port on devboard.
> pppd[24]: Couldn't restrict write permissions to /dev/ttyS2: Read-only file
> system Anybody have any ideas? Thank you in advance, Gorazd Golob, Videa
> d.o.o. "

Don't mind that message, it doesn't affect pppd's operation! The
reason for the message is that /dev is located on romfs which of
course is read-only. ttySx are already setup with the right

I have removed that warning from the pppd packages numerous times,
though it keeps sneaking back! Hmm...