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RE: pppd...


You have pppd packages for etrax? Did you get them at developer.axis.com? Is
it in the developer board software? I didn't find anything about pppd there.

Could you give me a direct link to where I find the etrax100lx pppd

I have used a 'hacked' pppd version from the mailing list message

His link:

I installed it this way:

1. Go to axis/developer-lx/os/linux
2. Run 'make menuconfig'
3. Select 'Network Device Support -->'
4. Select 'PPP (point-to-point protocol) support'
5. Select 'PPP support for async serial ports (NEW)'
6. Put all file & dirs in ppp-2.4.0 to eg dir axis/devboard_lx/apps/ppp
7. Go to axis/devboard_lx/apps/ppp/pppd
8. Change name on 'Makefile' to eg 'Makefile.old'
9. Change name on 'Makefile.clinux' to 'Makefile'
10. Write 'apps/ppp/pppd -r R2_4_0' between <subdirs> in
11. Go to axis/libs/uC-libc and run:
make clinux
make install
12. Go to axis/packages/devices/standard/
13. Open Makefile and under 'character devices' write:
	@$(MKNOD) -m 0444           $(DEV)/ppp       c   108 0
14. Go to axis/developer-lx/
15. Run:
make kernel
make images
make clinux
make install
make images

But I think it is better to use the pppd that Axis has made.

/ Best Regards

  /Rafael Reinoso

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Rafael Reinoso wrote:

> Hi!
> In http://mhonarc.axis.se/dev-etrax/msg00162.html there was a question
> this:
> "Hello! I have a problem with starting pppd on serial port on devboard.
> pppd[24]: Couldn't restrict write permissions to /dev/ttyS2: Read-only
> system Anybody have any ideas? Thank you in advance, Gorazd Golob, Videa
> d.o.o. "

Don't mind that message, it doesn't affect pppd's operation! The
reason for the message is that /dev is located on romfs which of
course is read-only. ttySx are already setup with the right

I have removed that warning from the pppd packages numerous times,
though it keeps sneaking back! Hmm...