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RE: pppd...

Rafael Reinoso wrote:

> Hi!
> You have pppd packages for etrax? Did you get them at developer.axis.com? Is
> it in the developer board software? I didn't find anything about pppd there.
> Could you give me a direct link to where I find the etrax100lx pppd
> packages?

I havn't had any time to port it to LX yet. Though I guess it requires
minimal work, so I'll try to have it done sometime next week.

> I have used a 'hacked' pppd version from the mailing list message
> http://mhonarc.axis.se/dev-etrax/msg00545.html

Yes, I saw that. I guess it would be OK to used until we do an
"official" port of pppd. The "hacked" version has excluded CHAP
amongst other things, which isn't too good.

> But I think it is better to use the pppd that Axis has made.

Yep, stay tuned and I'll try to fix it sometime next week. I'll let
you know when it's done.