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CGI-scripts for BOA under 2.4 kernel (LX-board)


I am trying to port my old application (elinux) to the new 2.4-kernel.

I have just found a problem with my CGI-scripts for BOA. They are not

The problems occurs when i am sending parameters to them (which is kind of
the idea...).
The error code for that try is: "Segmentation fault"

I have also tried your "editcgi.cgi". Same errorcode...

Have i done something wrong when installing 2.4-kernel or isn't your
CGI-parser working anymore??

Best regards,

Henrik Löfgren
Software Designer
Transmode Systems AB
Årstaängsvägen 24
117 43 Stockholm
Phone:  +46 (0)8 506 88226
Mobile:  +46 (0)733-748288
E-mail:  henrik.lofgren@xxxxxxx.se