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writing code for the 2120 Axis camera server

I am working on a GPS data gateway program. I compiled and ran the "gpsd" 
for the Etrax100LX board. This is a program which reads NMEA GPS data
over the serial port, parses it , makes it accessible via a daemon which
listens on a TCP port.

We also got some of the 2120 Axis cameras, and I discovered that the new 
has removed the HTTP CGI handler to access the serial port. So I cannot 
figure out
how to access the serial port on the camera remotely. Ideally, I would like to
compile my gpsd program for the 2120 camera's OS, and install it on the
camera. I tried ftp'ing a copy of my binary over to the 2120, then telnet 
in and
try to run it, but it won't run (it
says "no such file or directory").

I assume the 2120 is running a different operating system version  than the 
linux 2.4.3 that the
developer board is running? I don't understand enough about how loading and 
of executables work to know where to start to debug this.

Does anyone know the way to compile and run a binary on the Axis 2120 
Camera platform?