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Re: writing code for the 2120 Axis camera server


On Sat, 9 Jun 2001, Henry Minsky wrote:
> We also got some of the 2120 Axis cameras, and I discovered that the new 
> firmware
> has removed the HTTP CGI handler to access the serial port. So I cannot 
> figure out
> how to access the serial port on the camera remotely. Ideally, I would like to

This looks like an oversight or some confusion, and I'll leave it for
someone who knows that product line to answer that, but:

> I assume the 2120 is running a different operating system version  than the 
> linux 2.4.3 that the
> developer board is running? I don't understand enough about how loading and 

the 2120 does not run Linux 2.4, it runs the 2.0 "elinux" kernel without
MMU. You need a different build-type ("make elinux" in the apps/x dir) and
possibly a different uc-libc (although "make elinux" should config that
for the older kernel as well as it does for apps)

In short, the same instructions that applies to building binaries for the
older developer-board using 2.0 applies for the elinux products like the
2120. Just make sure the binaries are linked statically with uClibc since
the library in the products are optimized to only contain what's used by
the shipping firmware.

(I assume that the instructions for the non-LX dev boards are still on our
documentation site :)